Friday, September 13, 2013

10 Carpet Cleaners Insider SEO Advice Tips

SEO Buyers Beware!

If you are a carpet cleaner searching for search engine optimization or (SEO) for your cleaning website, you'd have better do some serious research and investigation into the background and services being offered by any SEO company before committing to a monthly agreement.

As carpet cleaners, making the right choice on a limited budget is VERY important. You can quickly throw away thousands of dollars without any return on your investment very easily.

How do I know this? Because I am a Carpet Cleaners SEO friend! I offered SEO services to cleaning and restoration companies, cleaners, carpet dyers, carpet repair technicians, carpet inspectors, and water damage restoration business owners for over 10 years.

My goal is to stop the cleaners I speak to coming to be saying that they were misled, or didn't get the results that they were told they would get using SEO marketing strategies that tanked their websites and their rankings because they were done wrong.

Carpet cleaners are great to work with, but can easily get caught up in the drama of negative SEO, just as easily as they can throw out their hard earned marketing dollars.

Yes SEO can be expensive if you are targeting businesses that are in one of the US top 100 cities. The competition for these cities is a lot higher than suburbs and smaller towns.

I would like to offer some free SEO advice for carpet cleaners and cut through the lies and over inflated estimates that many of today's carpet cleaners fall for.

Ten SEO Advice Tips for Carpet Cleaners Needing Search Engine Optimization

  1. Organic SEO isn't something that is done quickly. Organic search engine rankings are hard to come-by and take an investment in to get a return on your investment. So if you are searching for cleaning leads that are quick... organic isn't the place to go looking.
  2. Organic SEO does produce the most leads. Organic search captures 85% of a keywords potential search engine traffic. That leads only 15% for things line Pay-Per-Click advertising.
  3. The search engine world and he methods of providing SEO services has changed completely over the past 1.2 years. Google has made it way more difficult for people to learn SEO, and to rank for keywords. Additionally, Google has taken away many free tools, leaving everyone except the top SEO professionals scrambling to figure out how to respond.
  4. Good organic SEO is done using methods and tactics that are at least 6 months ahead of what is publicly available on the internet. Most SEO professionals are using tactics and SEO strategies that are outdated and ineffective in today's search engine landscape.
  5. Linking building, content marketing and blog posting is still effective if it is used correctly. Simply posting some content out on the internet with a link to your page used to help you rank easily for a keyword like "carpet cleaning near your city". However today, their are very specific ways to make it work today.
  6. Stay away from website that are useless to the website visitor. coupons, and helpful carpet reviews of products, services, that help educate a prospective cleaning customer will do the most good for your website.
  7. Ask your perspective SEO professional if they do research, and how they apply that research to the work that they do for you. If they respond that they "don't have to research because they are soooo god" turn and run! The only way you can stay ahead of the search engine optimization world and to know what truly works is through research, development, and testing.
  8. Ask if your professional does their SEO work in-house or of they farm their work out to India, or if someone else does their SEO for them entirely. It's very important that SEO professional you are thinking about hiring is the actual person doing search engine optimization and marketing of your website themselves and not someone else.
  9. Ask how many hours the SEO professional needs to spend on promoting and marketing your website each month. Ask what measure of success they use in their efforts for example a top ten ranking for some SEO's is just fine, where others target the money positions and measure success by getting your website ranking in the top three spots for organic search results.
  10. Ask what their timeline is for getting your website ranking organically. As a guide, a good SEO professional should tell you that, no-one can predict what Google will do, and that based on their experience, a top ranking should take 3 - 6 months for a medium competition keyword and 9 - 12 months for a competitive keyword in a top 100 US city. Results are sometimes faster, but rely on a number of specific elements like domain name age, and brand awareness like the national brands have.

The advice tips will help most carpet cleaners avoid some of the pitfalls of hiring a BAD SEO professional. If you have more questions about your current SEO or want to know the truth about today's search engine optimization and marketing opportunities, I offer a free 30 min phone consultation to answer your questions in an easy to understand and non-technical way.